2012 Toffee Nut Planner

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Details & Features

The 2012 Toffee Nut Planner is an incredibly cute and beautifully decorate planner. The 2012 Toffee Nut Planner features unique decorations and artwork on nearly every page of the planner. Not only this planner is beautifully designed, the 2012 Toffee Nut Planner also features a well made PVC cover with pockets in the front and rear of the cover. You can easily store your notes, cards, and so much more in these pockets! The 2012 Toffee Nut Planner contains a total of 240 pages separated into sections to help you plan:

  • Calendar: 2 pages (2012-2015)
  • Yearly Plan: 2 pages
  • Monthly Plan: 12 months (24 pages)
  • Weekly Plan: 130 pages
  • Notes: 58 pages
  • illustrations: 24 pages

As a bonus bookmark and index stickers are included in the purchase.

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