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Iconic Sticky Notebook

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Details & Features

The Iconic Sticky Notebook is a very unique and well made notebook containing beautiful sticky notes. Each purchase comes with 8 unique sticky note styles. Each unique sticky note style contains 30 sheets. There are 240 sheets of sticky notes in total. Please check out the photos to learn more!

These 8 uniquely designed sticky notes in the Iconic Sticky Notebook are sized as follows:

  • 1x Large Sized Sticky Note (2×3.1 in)
  • 2x Medium Sized Sticky Note (1.8×1.5 in)
  • 5x Index Sized Sticky Note (2×0.6 in)

You can also flip the front cover of the Sticky Notebook and slide it into a PVC cover for schedulers and planners that have them so the Sticky Notebook stays with your scheduler and planner for convenient access.

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