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Details & Features

The LICOCO iPhone Pouch is a very beautiful and well made iPhone pouch. The LICOCO iPhone Pouch is a slim, simple, and luxury style pouch that you can use to securely store your iPhone or other similar sized ties. The LICOCO iPhone Pouch features a card slot that located on the inside as well as another card slot on the outside for storage like your business card, credit cards, and so much more! There is also a small opening on the rear of the iPhone pouch that allows you to charge your phone without taking it out. The inside material of the LICOCO iPhone Pouch is made of soft suede material so that it won’t scratch your iPhone while giving it great protection. You don’t have to store your iPhone in this pouch, you can also store your iPod and other similarly sized electronic devices as well! Please check out the photos to learn more!

A 14K gold plated key ring is also attached to the LICOCO iPhone Pouch.

Additional Details

Style Dimensions (LxWxH) Weight Materials
Brown 5.16 x 3.23 in 3 oz Synthetic Leather, 14K Gold Plating
Hot Pink 5.16 x 3.23 in 3 oz Synthetic Leather, 14K Gold Plating

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