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Ardium Smartphone Wallet

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Details & Features

The Ardium Smartphone Wallet is a very cute and well made smartphone wallet. The Ardium Smartphone Wallet can securely hold almost all smartphones that are out today like the iPhone (5/4S/4/3), Galaxy, Vega Racer, iPod, and so much more! The Ardium Smartphone Wallet contains 3 well sized card slots on the left for commonly used cards like your ID, credit cards, business cards. There is also one larger slot that can be used to hold your cash, receipts, photos or even more cards!

On the right side of the Ardium Smartphone Wallet is where you attach your smartphone. The attachment of the phone and the smartphone wallet is done uniquely using a Velcro attachment (more on how to attach the Velcro will be explained at the end.) The Ardium Smartphone Wallet can be closed conveniently and securely by its magnetic snap button. A beautiful matching wrist strap is also attached to the smartphone wallet for extra security while you are on the move.

What’s even cooler is that the Ardium Smartphone Wallet is also designed to behave like a smartphone stand while your phone is attached to the wallet! There’s just so much with this smartphone wallet! Please check out the photos to learn more!

How to Attach Velcro Properly

  1. While two velcros are attached together, place a velcro on the right side of the space (white area)
  2. Remove the velcro vinyl so the top of the velcro is sticky
  3. Place the rear of your phone on top of the sticky side of the velcro. Please don’t forget to adjust the alignment a little so that the phone doesn’t stick out when the cover is closed. You can also place the velcro with your case intact (a silicone case is not recommended though!)
  4. That’s it! You are done! Now when you want to separate your phone from the Ardium Smartphone Wallet, don’t forget to separate slowly as the strength of velcro is very strong.

Two velcros are included in each purchase so that you can use it on two devices!

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