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Smartphone Passport Wallet

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Details & Features

The Smartphone Passport Wallet is a very unique and well made passport wallet! The Smartphone Passport Wallet features a smartphone pocket attached to the left side of the passport wallet. You can store smartphones of sizes that are similar to the iPhone in this pocket. If you don’t have or want to store a smartphone in this compartment, you can easily use it to store other items! The inside of the smartphone compartment is made with high quality suede material so that it won’t scratch your device.

On the right side of the Smartphone Passport Wallet contains a section of card slots where you can store your credit card, identification, and other important cards. In the middle section contains a passport compartment, you can easily slide your passport into this compartment and keep it there safely and securely while you are traveling. An extra pocket behind the smartphone pocket is also built into the wallet. You can store anything in this pocket like your bills, receipts, coupons, etc.

A detachable PVC card case is also included in each purchase. This detachable PVC case can fit up to 10 cards. To use, simply slide it into the passport section of the wallet. Using the PVC card case along with the passport may be too tight and may bulge (depending on how many cards are inserted) the wallet when closed.

When you have everything in place you can simply close the wallet with the button to secure all of your items in the Smartphone Passport Wallet.

The Smartphone Passport Wallet is also great as a standalone wallet if you do not need to store a passport. You can easily use the extra space to store all of your other day to day items! Please check out the photos to learn more!

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