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Vintage Pattern Smartphone Wallet

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Little Pet $43.95

Details & Features

The Vintage Pattern Smartphone Wallet is a very cute and well made smartphone wallet! The Vintage Pattern Smartphone Wallet features a cute illustration of the Vintage Pattern set of characters each featuring a unique and beautiful color scheme. The Vintage Pattern Smartphone Wallet contains 1 smartphone pocket, 4 card slots (for credit card/debit card/photo ID storage), and 1 bills/receipts/coupons slot.

The smartphone pocket can fit in phones like iPhone 5/5S/4/4S, Galaxy S2, HTC Sensation, Nokia Lumia, and other phones of similar sizes. The Smartphone pocket is made of high quality suede material to prevent scratching your cellphone screen and to add an extra layer of protection for your phone. The smartphone pocket also contains an opening on the bottom so that you can use it to charge or listen to music while still having your phone inside your wallet!

You can also use the smartphone pocket to store digital cameras, cards, iPod or any other kind of electronic devices of similar sizes. Please check out the photos to learn more!

Each purchase also includes a wrist strap.

Additional Details

Style Dimensions (LxWxH) Weight Materials
Little Pet 5.31 x 3.15 in 3 oz Synthetic Leather, Suede

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