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Solid Masking Sticker Set v2

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Details & Features

The Solid Masking Sticker Set v2 is a set of very cute and uniquely designed set of stickers! You can easily use the Solid Masking Stickers to decorate anything you need! These stickers will give you a ton of creative freedom for your project! The Solid Masking Stickers can be reusable and can be cut by hand as well. Please check out the photos to learn more!

Each purchase includes 15 sheets of stickers with 15 different colors. Each sheet contains the following stickers:

  • Two 7mm (0.3 in) line stickers
  • Two 10mm (0.4 in) line stickers
  • Two 15mm (0.6 in) line stickers
  • Three square stickers (0.6×0.6 in)
  • Six triangle stickers (0.6×0.6 in)
  • Three circle stickers
  • Six half circle stickers
  • One big rectangle sticker

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