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Worldwide Flag Luggage Strap

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Details & Features

Protect your luggage by using this Worldwide Flag Luggage Strap! This strap will help you secure your luggage and helps you find your luggage easily at the airport baggage claim. You can easily adjust this strap up to 67 in. depending on the size of your luggage. A Name Tag is also included right next to the buckle.

This luggage belt also provides a lock feature where you can set a password to secure your luggage.

Here are some instructions on how you can use this lock:

  1. The password is initially set to 000. Open the buckle to release the belt.
  2. On the side of the buckle, there is a metal button inside.
  3. Push the metal button to change the password by scrolling the combination numbers then release the metal button.
  4. Close the buckle and you’re all set! Now the buckle will not open unless you enter the password you have set before.

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