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Crown Smartphone Pouch

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Details & Features

The Crown Smartphone Pouch is a very beautiful and well made smartphone pouch! The Crown Smartphone Pouch allows you to organize and store basically everything in one place! You can store your smartphone, cards, earphones, coins, bills and so much more! The Crown Smartphone Pouch also contains a zippered coin slot to allow you to securely store your loose change or your other sensitive items! Inside the coin slot also contains two hidden card slots. In the front of the wallet contains also contains two card slots to allow you to store your commonly used card and your ID!

The rear pocket allows you to store your smartphone, this includes iPhones, Galaxy, and other smartphones of similar sizes! You can also store your slim digital camera in this pocket as well! The smartphone pocket is also made of high quality suede material so that it can protect your electronic devices from accidental scratches as well as extra protection. On the side of the smartphone pocket contains a small opening where you can charge your phone while the phone is still inside the pouch or you can flip it around and listen to music as well! The Crown Smartphone Pouch is especially great when you go to the gym or grocery shopping so that you can leave your purse at home and move around convenient! Please check out the photos to learn more!

Each purchase of the Crown Smartphone Pouch also comes with wrist strap!

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