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Foldable Daily Shopper Bag

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Details & Features

The Foldable Daily Shopper Bag is a very cute, easy to carry, and uniquely designed bag! When folded, the Daily Shopper Bag becomes a small and portable 6.3×6.7in pouch that you can conveniently stow away in your bag or even your coat pocket (if it is big enough!) Once you are ready to use the Daily Shopper Bag, simply unzip and unfold the bag! The pouch then becomes the front pocket of the bag. The front pocket is also a zippered pocket so that you can securely and safely store any of your essentials in it! The main compartment is also a zippered compartment and is large enough to fit big items like magazines, blankets, clothes, groceries and so much more!

The Foldable Daily Shopper Bag is also made with water resistant PU coating so that it’s also functional during rainy days. The Foldable Daily Shopper Bag is the perfect bag to use when you go shop or going on a trip! Once you are done using the bag, simply fold it back and stow away! Please check out the photos to learn more!

How to Fold the Foldable Daily Shopper Bag
Please note that photos that demonstrate the following instructions are located in 8th and 9th place in the photo gallery.

  1. Place the rear of the bag on top (front pocket facing the bottom) then lift one-thirds of the bottom part of the bag. Then fold down the handle.
  2. Fold down one-third of the top part of the bag so then the folded area is aligned with the front pocket. Then rotate. Fold each side to the center so that the size of the bag is now same as the front pocket.
  3. While folded, open the front zipper then flip the pocket lid to the other side so that folded part can be inside the zipper pocket.
  4. Now close the zipper. You will notice that the pocket color has been changed. Now you can carry your bag anywhere and use whenever you need to!

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