Colorful Candy Smartphone Case

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Details & Features

The Colorful Candy Smartphone Case is a very cute and handy smartphone case! The Colorful Candy Smartphone Case is very minimalistic as it is only designed to securely hold your smartphone. There is however enough space for you to put your essential cards in the rear of your smartphone if you need to bring them. Extra cushioning has also been added to the Colorful Candy Smartphone Case to help protect your smartphone from any potential falls. The Colorful Candy Smartphone Case can be securely closed with a snap button. You can also store your other items or devices you may have in this case too! Please check out the photos to learn more!

Each purchase also includes a 0.4×10in detachable handy strap. You can use this strap as a wrist strap or use it to hang around your bag or purse. The strap hooks can also be hidden if it is rotated towards the inside.

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