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Mr. Babba Travel Bag Set

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Details & Features

The Mr. Babba Travel Bag Set is a very cute and well made set of travel bags. You can use the Mr. Babba Travel Bags instead of regular plastic bags to store your items when you are traveling very conveniently and securely. These bags are designed and built to be sturdy so that your bags do not break easily while you are traveling. The front of every bag has a cute design on them and some bags are opaque in design that will also help you hide your sensitive items from prying eyes. Let the Mr. Babba Travel Bag Set protect your items while you are traveling so you can focus on having fun instead of worrying about your belongings! The Mr. Babba Travel Bags are also water resistant!

Each purchase of the Mr. Babba Travel Bag Set includes the 3x small bags, 4x medium bags, and 1x large bag.

The small bags can be used to store cameras, travel guide, camera films, batteries, cosmetics, toothpastes and so much more! The medium bags clothes, shoes, towels, underwear, and more! The large bag can be used as a light backpack and is a perfect fit for 20in luggage. You can also store small and medium travel bags in it or can be used separately for additional storage!

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