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Hot Pink $8.95
Ice Blue $8.95
Indi Pink $8.95
Lavender $8.95
Yellow $8.95

Details & Features

The Plane Passport Case is a very well made and beautifully designed passport case. The Plane Passport Case allows you to securely protect your passport when you are traveling. The Plane Passport Case also features extra pockets in the front and rear cover where you can place items like your plane ticket, receipts, bills, etc. A pen holder is also included on the side of the Plane Passport Case and you can securely stow your writing utensil and use it when you really need a pen or pencil. Please check out the photos to learn more!

Additional Details

Style Dimensions (LxWxH) Weight Materials
Hot Pink 3.94 x 5.43 in 2 oz PVC
Ice Blue 3.94 x 5.43 in 2 oz PVC
Indi Pink 3.94 x 5.43 in 2 oz PVC
Lavender 3.94 x 5.43 in 2 oz PVC
Yellow 3.94 x 5.43 in 2 oz PVC

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