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Table Talk Classic iPhone 4S Case

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This product is no longer available for purchase

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Details & Features

The Table Talk Classic iPhone 4S Case is a very beautiful and well made iPhone 4S case. To use the Table Talk Classic iPhone 4S Case simply slide in your iPhone 4S and hold it with the included magic tape. When you take out your iPhone 4S from the case, please make sure to take off the magic tape side first then slide out. The magic tape is reusable so please make sure to put the magic tape cover back on when not in use to maintain the tape quality. The inside material is made up of suede so that it won’t hurt your iPhone 4S.

The purchase does not include a strap. Please visit our cellphone strap section to find your strap of choice. We do offer a matching strap known as the Table Talk Classic Tassel Strap you may be interested in.

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