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Button Galaxy S3 Case

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Details & Features

The Button Galaxy S3 Case is a very cute and uniquely designed case! The Button Galaxy S3 Case features a perfectly sized slide-in slot for your Galaxy S3 as well as two card slots on the left side of the case to store your ID and a commonly used credit card. This is great when you are on the go and want to travel light!

The case itself is designed specifically so that you can keep your Galaxy S3 in the case at all times. The case has an opening for the on/off button, the camera, earphone connector, as well as the charging connector. These are all opened so that you can avoid sliding out the Galaxy S3 from the case. If you ever do need to take out your Galaxy S3 please do so slowly to avoid any potential scratches! The case is closed securely using a magnetic button—please note that this button will not negatively affect your credit card strips or your Galaxy S3! Please check out the photos to learn more about the Button Galaxy S3 Case!

Please note that this case has a phone strap hole built into the case however a strap is not included in this purchase. You may be interested in the following straps:

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