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Shaver Holder

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Details & Features

The Shaver Holder is one of our most uniquely designed and well made bathroom accessory. The Shaver Holder utilizes a well made suction cup to strongly stay in place which eliminates the need for any glue or nails. You can also easily move the Shaver Holder around and even bring it with you while you are traveling! We recommend that you attach the Shaver Holder to a glass mirror or a tile surface for best results.

Here are some quick instructions on how to attach the Shaver Holder to a surface:

  1. Clean the area you want to attach the Shaver Holder to. Please make sure the surface is cleaned enough so that the surface is as flat as possible to get the best suction from the suction cup.
  2. Then put the Shaver Holder on the recently cleaned surface.
  3. Turn the wheel 60 degrees to the right until you hear a ‘tic’ sound.
  4. You are done! Please double check to see if the Shaver Holder is attached to the surface by inserting the shaver and removing it.

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