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Pure Rolling Facial Oil Absorbing Sheet

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Details & Features

The Pure Rolling Facial Oil Absorbing Sheet is a very unique and well made oil absorbing sheet! The Pure Rolling Facial Oil Absorbing Sheet is also one of our first of many cosmetic products we will be introducing! You can use the Pure Rolling Facial Oil Absorbing Sheet to absorb facial oil without ruining your make up, helps reduce oil shine, and also helps remove all the daily worries of facial oil!

This product comes with in an adorable plastic container with a roll of absorbing sheets. The length of the sheet is (2.8×236 inches) which is about 100 usages. Usages however depends on how large of a sheet you use each time. To use simply open the lid then take out the absorbing sheet then stop at the length you desired and then slightly pull the absorbing sheet upwards to tear it out.

When you are out of absorbing sheets you can also order additional absorbing sheets from us. To order additional absorbing sheets, please order Type D from our style selection. Each purchase of Type D comes with 2 refill sheets that allows you to use 200 more times!

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