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Snowflake Window Sticker

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Details & Features

The Snowflake Window Sticker is a beautifully designed and well made set of stickers. The Snowflake Window Sticker features many unique designs of snowflakes that you can use to decorate with. The Snowflake Window Sticker is also coated with silver pearls to give it make the stickers even more beautiful! The Snowflake Window Sticker does not use glue on the surface and will not leave any residue when you want to take it off. The Snowflake Window Sticker is a static sticker so you can stick it to any type of window, mirrors and tile surfaces.

Each purchase of the Snowflake Window Sticker includes two sheets of stickers. Each sheet contains 13 big snowflake stickers and 11 small snowflake stickers. The size of the big snowflake is about 4×5 in and the small snowflake is about 1×1 in.

How to Apply Snowflake Window Sticker

  1. Please clean the surface you want to attach the stickers to.
  2. Prepare any kind spray bottle with water and spray on the surface.
  3. Attach stickers onto the moist surface and then use a dry towel to remove bubbles inside the stickers.

The outline of the stickers are already cut in place, you will not need to cut the stickers yourself.

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