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Details & Features

The Bonheur Constant Document Tote is a cute, light, and functional tote! There are four different styles, all solid colors: Pink, Navy, Charcoal, and Indi Blue. It is made of a quality polyester material so you can carry your documents with assurance. This tote is large enough to fit A4 size documents. The zipper goes down half of the tote in an L shape so you can open your tote wide and arrange your documents more neatly! It also includes a sturdy handle and a large inner pocket. The inner pocket matches the outer fabric and is great for holding any loose papers or small items.

This useful tote can be used to carry your documents, files, notebooks, planner, book, and more! The zipper lining and inner lining both vary by style so please check the photos before making a purchase. This simple tote will be constantly by your side! Please see the photos to learn more!

Additional Details

Style Dimensions (LxWxH) Weight Materials
Charcoal 10.63 x 13.78 x 0.59 in 6 oz Polyester
Indi Blue 10.63 x 13.78 x 0.59 in 6 oz Polyester
Pink 10.63 x 13.78 x 0.59 in 6 oz Polyester

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