Freeport Multipurpose Travel Bag

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Details & Features

The Freeport Multipurpose Travel Bag is a stylish and super functional travel bag! You can carry this cute bag in 2 ways: like a shoulder duffel bag or a simple backpack! Simply clip the adjustable shoulder strap to the designated hooks to carry it the way you want. There are 2 zippered outer pockets to organize and keep your most-used items at hand.

The main compartment can be unzipped all the way so you can open the bag completely to effectively organize your belongings. You can store your clothes, shoes, or other travel necessities on the left side and keep them in place with the attached toiletry pouch! On the other side, there are 2 zippered pockets built into the lining. One can hold large items like your chargers, curling iron, or even souvenirs, while the other is great for storing sensitive items such as your passport, wallet, or feminine hygiene products.

The included mesh toiletry pouch has 2 zippered compartments and a hook so you can hang it up for your convenience! When it’s not in use, attach it back inside with the designated clips to make a functional separator. This well-made, water-resistant travel bag is an all-in-one carry-all that can be used as a backpack, shoulder bag, duffel bag, or even a diaper bag!

Whether you’re traveling overseas, going camping, or on a simple picnic, the Freeport Multipurpose Travel Bag is now a must! Please check the photos to learn more!

Please note that this item must be hand-washed for best results!

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