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Medium Coated Mesh Pouch

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Details & Features

The Medium Coated Mesh Pouch is a well made and practical travel pouch! It is made of a coated mesh all around. The unique design allows you to see what’s inside while your belongings are kept safe with the waterproof coating! The Medium Coated Mesh Pouch features 1 main zippered compartment with expandable sides and bottom. It also has a soft handle on one side so you can store and carry it easily! Use the Medium Coated Mesh Pouch to carry your toiletries, makeup, and other necessities. It’s also great to take to the pool or gym! Check out the photos to learn more!

Please note the Medium Coated Mesh Pouch is waterproof, but not breathable. It has a mesh design, but is covered all around with a transparent coating.

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