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100pcs Vintage Kitty Deco Set

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The 100pcs Vintage Kitty Deco Set is a cute and well-made deco set! It comes with a total of 100 pieces of decoration items for gifts you can give to family and friends! This includes 2.73 yard of string, 20 tags, 10 mini cards, and 70 pieces of stickers, all featuring adorable kitties of various breeds. The cats all have different accessories and are doing a variety of activities so you can add a quirky touch to any gift you give! The deco stickers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and have different kinds of illustrations of the cats and their vivacious lifestyles. Use these stickers to decorate your gifts and add a mini card and gift tag to put the final touch! Your loved ones, especially cat-lovers, will adore your fun and thoughtful gift! Please check the photos to learn more about this unique set!

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