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The Little Prince Mug

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Details & Features

The Little Prince Mug is a cute and charming mug that’s sure to become a favorite! The Little Prince Mug comes in 3 unique styles featuring illustrations from the loved French novella. The illustrations go all the way around the mug so it’s beautiful from any angle! The Little Prince Mug has a unique placement of the handle and illustration. When holding the mug with your right hand, you’ll can show off the main design to others! The Little Prince Mug is a well made mug that will give you a little burst of joy with every sip of coffee or tea. Check out the photos to learn more!

Please note the care instructions for the Little Prince Mug: Dishwasher & microwafe safe. Not safe for use in oven or on stovetop. Wash gently with soft sponge only. Abrasive metal scrubs may cause damage. Dry the mug well after cleaning.

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