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The Leaf Pencil Set is an adorable and fun pencil set! You get 5 pencils wrapped in a giant, cute paper leaf packaging. The pencils are made of recycled paper instead of wood, and the ink of made of soy ink, so it is very eco friendly! All of the pencils come pre-sharpened. Of the 5 pencils, 2 of them come with erasers attached, and 3 of them come with pencil-top erasers for each, as these pencils have no erasers attached. As a bonus, there are 2 gift tags included and they are made of eco-friendly stone paper. These tags can be attached to the leaf packaging because there are holes to put string through it on top. Use the gift tags as bookmarks, too! The the Leaf Pencil Set would make a really fun gift for elementary school students or teachers who love fun pencils. Please check out the photos to learn more about the Leaf Pencil Set!

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