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Details & Features

The Desk Organizer Tray is a very cute and unique organizer! The Desk Organizer Tray allows you to organize all your items on your desk in a single location. The Desk Organizer Tray comes with 7 boxes altogether with 6 small boxes that can all fit into the large tray. Within these 6 boxes you can store and organize your pens, tapes, notes, sticky notes, and so much more! You can also use the Desk Organizer Tray to organize your cosmetics too! What is even more convenient is that you can use all these boxes separately and use the tray for something else! The boxes are sized as follows:

  • 2 boxes are sized at 3×1.2×2 in.
  • 2 boxes – 3×1.2×1.2 in.
  • 1 box – 2×2.4×1.2 in.
  • 1 box – 6.9×2.4×1.2 in.
  • 1 box – 15.4×2.6×2.2

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