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The Cushion iPhone 5 Case is a very cute and well made iPhone 5 Case! The Cushion iPhone 5 Case is made specifically for the iPhone 5/5s and has all the necessary openings to maintain full functionality of your iPhone 5/5s. The Cushion iPhone 5 Case contains openings for your camera, earphones, charging slot, as well as the top and side buttons! An inner case has been built into the Cushion iPhone 5 Case where you can easily and conveniently slide your iPhone 5/5s into. This inner case will hold and secure your iPhone 5/5s. A mirror has been attached to the lower left part of the case so you can easily use it to check up on yourself and more. The mirror has been inserted into the inner side of the case so that it will not scratch or damage your phone screen. A card slot has also been built into the rear of the phone case so you can carry your ID or a commonly used credit card too! Please check out the photos to learn more!

Please note that only the Mustard Yellow style has a smooth shiny texture surface. All other styles has a fabric texture looking and feel.

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2.44 (L) x 4.92 (W) 0.63 (H) in
2.33 oz
Synthetic Leather, Chamude, Polycarbonate
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MochiThings Seattle Facility

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Modern Gray
Rosebay Pink


Aqua Blue
Mustard Yellow