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Basic Galaxy Note 2 Case

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Details & Features

The Basic Galaxy Note 2 Case is a very beautiful and well made case for the Galaxy Note 2! The Basic Galaxy Note 2 Case contains two card slots on the left to allow to you store your commonly used cards like your ID, credit cards, transit cards, gift cards and so much more! There is also one bill slot under the card slots so that you can store folded bills, receipts, and more! On the right side of the Basic Galaxy Note 2 Case contains a hard case to secure and safely hold your Galaxy Note 2. This hard case is perfectly sized for the Galaxy Note 2 and contains all the necessary openings to maintain all the functionality that the Galaxy Note 2 provides. This includes correct openings for the buttons on the side as well as the camera hole. You can still take photos with your Galaxy Note 2 while it’s inside the Basic Galaxy Note 2 Case! The top and bottom are opened so that you can conveniently charge your phone while it’s inside the case and listen to music with the headphones plugged in too. To insert your Galaxy Note 2 into the hard case simply slide in your Galaxy Note 2 and it’ll secure itself perfectly!

It is also worth mentioning that the Basic Galaxy Note 2 is a buttonless case. Buttonless cases addresses many different concerns that customers have in regards to traditional metal buttons and magnetic buttons. For example, with traditional metal buttons, customers are afraid of pressing too hard and damaging the screen on closing. With magnetic buttons customers are concerned that the magnetic button may affect their credit card strip and/or the phone’s internal hardware. Both of these are legitimate concerns, but, both of these concerns are very very very unlikely to happen in practice! However we still do want to address these two major concerns so that the designers have took a step back and looked at this problem in detail and were able to completely remove the button altogether. This eliminated two major concerns while also keeping the professional & minimalistic look and feel too! Extra weight has also been added to the front cover so that the case will stay closed as much as possible without you having to manually close it. Please check out the photos to learn more!

Please note that the Deep Blue and Dark Brown has a black hard case, all other colors have a white hard case.

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