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Rhapsody iPhone 5 Wallet

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This product is no longer available for purchase

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Details & Features

The Rhapsody iPhone 5 Wallet is a very beautiful and well made iPhone 5/5S wallet! The Rhapsody iPhone 5 Wallet features five unique and very beautifully decorated wallet styles! The Rhapsody iPhone 5 Wallet is made and sized specifically for the iPhone 5/5S. This wallet features 2 card slots to hold your most commonly used cards and one bill slot on the left. A jelly case is built to into the Rhapsody iPhone 5 Wallet where you can conveniently slide your iPhone 5/5S into the case and it’ll safely and securely hold your iPhone 5/5S within the wallet. The jelly case and the wallet has all the necessary openings to help maintain the functionality of your iPhone 5/5S! This includes the camera, charger, earphone, and the top and side button openings. A earhole is also built into the wallet so that you can close the wallet and still talk on the phone! The entire Rhapsody iPhone 5 Wallet can be closed with a magnetic button closure. Please check out the photos to learn more!

Each purchase also includes a wrist strap.

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