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Twin Color Folding Pen Pouch v2

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Details & Features

The Twin Color Folding Pen Pouch v2 is a very cute and adorable pouch! The Twin Color Folding Pen Pouch v2 features a different colored front and rear covers with different colored zippers for a fun and unique look and feel! Within the Twin Color Folding Pen Pouch v2 contains a pocket on the left side and 2 pockets on the right side. The left pocket can be used to store pencils, pens, brushes, and more! The left pocket can also be made to stand up by detaching it front the top velcro and placing it onto the middle velcro. On the right side are two pockets that you can use to store your mini notebook, sticky notes, and other office supplies you may have! Please check out the photos to learn more!

A typical pencil size is 7.5in (19cm) long.

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