Galaxy S2 Shoulder Pouch


The Galaxy S2 Shoulder Pouch is a very cute and unique shoulder pouch! The Galaxy S2 Shoulder Pouch is great when you are on travel or always on the move. The Galaxy S2 Shoulder Pouch comes with a clear cover pouch where you can safely and securely place your Galaxy S2 into it. The earphone hole remains open so you can still listen to music while you are on the move. You can also use the Galaxy S2 while it’s still inside the bag and the clear cover will not stick to your screen either!

On the rear contains a button closure where you can securely close the pouch. When you open the pouch, the top flap contains a mirror where you can check yourself out during those critical times along with 3 card slots for your ID and other commonly used cards. Please check out the photos to learn more!

Each purchase comes with a shoulder strap. A protective film is also placed over the mirror — please remove protective film before use. You can also place an Galaxy S2 into this pouch even if you have another protective case around it! The earphone clip on the strap is known as the Leather Earphone Winder.

An iPhone 4/4S of the Shoulder Pouch is also available!

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3.03 (L) x 5.71 (W) 0.79 (H) in
3.53 oz
Synthetic Leather, Chamude
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MochiThings Seattle Facility

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Aqua Blue
Brilliant Red
Fresh Green
Modern Gray
Pansy Violet
Rosebay Pink
Tangerine Orange