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Twin Plus Color Pen Set

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Details & Features

The Twin Plus Color Pen Set is a gorgeous 10-color pen set! Each purchase includes 5 double-sided pens. Each pen has a pointed tip and a wide tip. The wide tips can be used to create both thin and thick lines.

Each side of each pen is a different color for a total of 10 unique colors:
  • Pink (wide tip) & Blue Green (pointed tip)
  • Orange (wide tip) & Blue (pointed tip)
  • Yellow (wide tip) & Purple (pointed tip)
  • Mint (wide tip) & Rose Pink (pointed tip)
  • Sky Blue (wide tip) & Gray (pointed tip)

The Twin Plus Color Pen Set also comes in a convenient carrying case! Draw, write, doodle, and create with all the colors you’ll need. The possibilities are endless with this unique set of beautiful pens! Check out the photos to learn more!

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