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Auto Mechanical Pencil & Refill Set

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Details & Features

The Auto Mechanical Pencil & Refill Set is a very cute and unique mechanical pencil! The Auto Mechanical Pencil is designed to unload the lead automatically from the mechanical pencil. This lets you avoid pushing the eraser end to begin writing like traditional mechanical pencils! To use: simply write like you always do and the lead will come out automatically as you write!

The Refill Set comes with two lead containers with 6 pieces of lead in each container. A total of 12 leads is included with each purchase. The type of lead is 0.7mm HB. This is the only type of lead that the Auto Mechanical Pencil accepts—it will not work with any other type of lead. Please also use all lead from the pencil before replacing it with a refill.

To refill the Auto Mechanical Pencil: turn the eraser area to remove the lead container from the Auto Mechanical Pencil. Then place one lead into the pencil. After that, place the refill lead container into the pencil and fasten the eraser. Please do not refill the lead backwards like in traditional mechanical pencils (from the front tip) this may damage the Auto Mechanical Pencil!

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