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The Tracing Sticky Note is a very well made and unique sticky note. There are 4 different versions for you to choose from depending on your needs. Each sticky note contains 40 sheets of paper and they are half transparent. The Tracing Sticky Note can be used as an ordinary sticky note or for tracing. Use the sticky note to write notes in books that you don’t want to mark up. Or use it on any textbooks or books you would like to keep in new condition to resell. Write notes in library books using the sticky note and not have to worry about getting fines for marking up the books!

The Tracing Sticky Note comes in 4 unique styles. Please refer to the sheet count and dimensions below before purchasing:
  • Ver. 1: 2.87×2.87 inches, 40 sheets total.
  • Ver. 2: 1.5×2.97 inches, 80 sheets total.
  • Ver. 3: 0.98×2.87 inches & 1.97×2.87 inches, 80 sheets total.
  • Ver. 4: 0.98×2.87 inches, 120 sheets total.

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