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WM Card Case

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Details & Features

The WM Card Case is a very well made, useful and colorful card case. There are 7 different colors you can choose from. The card case can fit up to 3 cards, and the cases are long enough so that no one will be able to see what cards you are carrying. The WM Card Case includes a button at the top to close the card case so your cards won’t slip out in your bag. Each card case comes with a matching colored strap so you can hang it around your wrist and take it with you to grab a quick bite for your lunch break. The strap is detachable so you can hang your keys on it instead. You can also take the strap off, add a longer strap to the ring and hang the card case around your neck. These super functional and colorful card case are a must! Please check out the photos to learn more!

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