Warm Breeze Handkerchief

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The Warm Breeze Handkerchief is a cute and lovely accessory! It’s a fabric handkerchief that comes in many beautifully designed styles. Each handkerchief is printed on one side with a lovely pattern.

The Warm Breeze Handkerchief comes in 18 colorful styles. The corner shape differs according to style. Make sure to check the photos and description below to check for your favorite design!

  • Rounded Corner Styles: 01. Rosemary, 02. Sweet Pea, 03. Delight, 04. Chloe, 05. Florence, 06. Vintage Flower, 07. Blossom, 08. Rabbit, 09. Calendula
  • Squared Corner Styles: 10. Hibiscus, 11. Navy Check, 12. Array, 13. Vane, 14. Classy, 15. Mosaic, 16. Arcadia, 17. Rhomb, 18. Segment

An easy and practical accessory, the Warm Breeze Handkerchief is a must have for outings, picnics, travel, and day-to-day life! Check out the photos to learn more and see all the details!

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