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Small Fleur Blanche Lunch Bag

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Details & Features

The Small Fleur Blanche Lunch Bag is a super cute and functional lunch bag! This is a great lunch bag for you if you always bring your lunch with you and are looking for a good lunch bag! This well designed and simple lunch bag comes with an insulated layer on the inside to keep your food cool or warm. An ice pack is also included in the purchase to help you keep your food cool! Within the contains a mesh pocket for extra storage to securely store your utensils or the extra ice pack to keep your food extra fresh! A zipper is also located on top to help maintain the temperature of the food as well as keeping your contents secured. Handles are attached to to the bag for easy access. The Small Fleur Blanche Lunch Bag is also PVC matte coated for ease of cleaning and general maintainability! Bring this cute lunch bag to work with you—no more flimsy plastic bags! This lunch box is also compact enough for you to put in your larger tote bags too! Please check out the photos to learn more!

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