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10pcs Masking Tape Set

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Details & Features

The 10pcs Masking Tape Set is a well made and very useful tape set. There are 2 different set of colors you can pick from, bright and dark. Each set comes with 10 rolls of tape. The tapes are 0.59in wide and 590.6 in length. The tape is made with paper so it can be cut without scissors and it can also be removed easily without leaving any marks too! There are so many different uses for the 10pcs Masking Tape Set! You can use it to label your spice bottles or use it to tape items onto the wall without damaging the paint! You can also use the tape set to decorate your scrapbooks and planners or use it in your notes, calendar, photos and more! When labeling you can use an oil based pen (like a Sharpie) when you write on the tape to avoid any smudges! Please check out the photos to learn more!

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