Kraft Label Sticker Set

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The Kraft Label Sticker Set is a set of simple and useful label stickers! It comes in 7 different types and all of them include 14 sheets of same stickers. Each type has different sticker design, size and also different number of stickers, so you can choose the best type that suit your needs. The Type A is a index type sticker that folds over pages.

The number of stickers per sheet and the dimensions of each sticker are below.
  • Type A: 15 stickers per sheet. 1.0×0.9 in.
  • Type B: 28 stickers per sheet. 1.3×0.4 in.
  • Type C: 12 stickers per sheet. 1.7×0.7 in.
  • Type D: 6 stickers per sheet. 2.6×0.9 in.
  • Type E: 4 stickers per sheet. 2.6×1.6 in.
  • Type F: 6 sticker per sheet. 3.1×0.7 in.
  • Type G: 4 stickers per sheet. 3.4×1.3 in.

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