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Couple Bird Cellphone Screen Cleaner

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Details & Features

The Couple Bird Cellphone Screen Cleaner is a super cute and functional cleaner! Each purchase includes 2 birds as a set. Attach the screen cleaner to the back of your device, or your mirror or any items of your choosing. However it will not attached to any materials such as canvas or a silicone surface. To clean the screen, simply detach the Couple Bird Cellphone Screen Cleaner from your device, wipe the screen with the colored side of the cleaner! It is a dry wipe, no water necessary. When the cleaner gets dirty, simply wet it with water, scrub it lightly with some soap, hang it up to dry and it is good as new! Please clean the surface before attaching the screen cleaner. This is the perfect decoration and cleaner to use for your phone! You can also give away one of the birds to your significant other or to your friend! Please check out the photos to learn more!

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