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Girl’s Mind Scheduler v2

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Details & Features

The Girl’s Mind Scheduler v2 is a cute and illustrative scheduler! The Girl’s Mind Scheduler v2 is a dateless scheduler allowing you to set up the dates in any way you like. You can also start off the scheduler anytime in the year too! The Girl’s Mind Scheduler v2 comes with a total of 224 pages which are separated into the following sections:

  • 2 pages of yearly plan
  • 24 pages of monthly plan
  • 120 pages of weekly plan
  • 16 pages of line note
  • 16 pages of free note
  • 10 pages of my life list.

The Girl’s Mind Scheduler v2 also includes several bonus items! These are 1 sheet of index sticker, 1 sheet of mini file folder, and 4 sheets of stamp stickers. You can use these to decorate your scheduler!

The Girl’s Mind Scheduler v2 features many different illustrations throughout the scheduler, feel free to doodle along as well! Store letters, photos, receipts in the file folder and use it as a bookmark. Or use it as a reminder that certain letters or cards need to be sent out! A bonus elastic band is also attached to the scheduler which will help securely hold everything together. Please check out the photos to learn more!

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