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Deco Sticker Set v3

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Details & Features

The Deco Sticker Set v3 is a beautiful and cute sticker set! Each order contains 10 sheets of transparent sticker and 6 sheets of paper stickers with a total of 16 sheets stickers. There are many unique designs that comes with each purchase such as flowers, lettering, numbers, deco tapes, messages and more! Use these fun stickers to decorate your schedulers, scrapbooks, DIY projects and anything you want! Use the Deco Sticker Set stickers for letter seals too! Please check out photos to learn more!

Sticker Designs:
  • Ribbons (transparent) x 2 sheets
  • Buttons (transparent) x 1 sheet
  • Flowers (transparent) x 1 sheet
  • Numbers, Holidays, Weathers, and etc. (transparent) x 1 sheet
  • Girls (transparent) x 1 sheet
  • Toys (transparent) x 1 sheet
  • Emotions (transparent) x 1 sheet
  • Lettering (transparent) x 1 sheet
  • Korean handwriting (transparent) x 1 sheet
  • Photo stickers for monthly calendar (paper sticker) x 1 sheet
  • Backgrounds (paper sticker) x 1 sheet
  • Deco tapes (paper sticker) x 1 sheet
  • Blank balloons (paper sticker) x 1 sheet
  • Messages (paper sticker) x 1 sheet
  • Point stickers (paper sticker) x 1 sheet

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