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m.Humming Neoprene Smartphone Pouch

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Details & Features

The m.Humming Neoprene Smartphone Pouch is a well made and simple smartphone pouch. The m.Humming Neoprene Smartphone Pouch contains 1 front pocket and 1 zippered pocket. Use the pouch to store your money, cards, earphone, cables, chargers, digital cameras, or any thing else you want! You can also use it as a camera case, mouse and USB case and a mp3 case too! The pouch will be able to fit the iPod Classic, iPod Touch, iPhone (5S/5/4S/4/3GS), Galaxy (S/S2), Blackberries and more! The iPhone 4 will fit in the front even with a bumper case on. The m.Humming Neoprene Smartphone Pouch is made with high density neoprene, a rubber like fabric that features elasticity, water resistance ability and durability. Please check out the photos to learn more!

Please also check the dimensions of your phone before purchasing to make sure it will fit—please also ask us if you are unsure!

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