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Medium Bon Voyage Waterproof Pouch

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Details & Features

The Medium Bon Voyage Waterproof Pouch is a well made and useful waterproof pouch. Each purchase comes with 1 medium waterproof pouch and 1 strap. The straps can be adjusted up to 48.8in. Touch screens are still usable even within the pouch! You can still receive and send calls, texts, and take photos with the phone inside the pouch. This pouch will fit any iPhone 5, Galaxy S4, up to Galaxy Note 2 size or any similar sized phones! Touch screen cannot be used under the water though. Please use timer functionality to take underwater photos. This is the perfect pouch to use for any water related activities like going to the beach, canoeing, white water rafting, snorkeling and more! Please check out the photos to learn more!

How to use:

  1. Insert your tablet
  2. Take out the air and close the bottom zipper all the way
  3. Close the upper zipper
  4. Roll down the zipper part
  5. Take the bottom button and secure it with upper buttons

How to test whether the product is defective or not:

  1. Insert dry tissue and lock the pouch
  2. Put it in water for 2 hours
  3. See if the tissue is still dry

If you are using the pouch frequently, please test the product frequently to ensure a safe seal. If you haven’t used the pouch for a long time, please test the product again before using. Avoid going more than 1 meter down into the water. Too much pressure can affect your smartphone and/or tablets.

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