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The Dot Sticker Pack Set is a fun and useful sticker pack set! Each set contains 16 sheets of transparent stickers and 16 sheets of paper stickers with a total of 32 sheets. Use this fun and simple stickers to help you decorate your planners, calendars, gifts, cards and more! Use the transparent stickers to highlight important dates in your scheduler or calendar so you wont forget it! Use the paper sticker as letter seals or card seals! Add some extra colors to your presents! Please check out the photos to learn more!

Sticker style and size:
  • 8x different colors, 4x sheets of each color (2x paper and 2x transparent)
  • 2x Blue 1.8in circles each sheet
  • 6x Yellow 1.6in circles each sheet
  • 6x Red 1.2in circles each sheet
  • 4x Black 1.2in circles each sheet
  • 2x Brown 1.2in circles each sheet
  • 8x Gray 0.8in circles each sheet
  • 4x Pink 0.8in circles each sheet
  • 6x Green 0.5in circles each sheet

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