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Elephant Roll Pencil Pouch

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Details & Features

The Elephant Roll Pencil Pouch is a beautiful and useful pencil pouch! The Elephant Roll Pencil Pouch contains 5 pockets for pens and pencils, and 1 zippered pocket on the inside. Store your smaller items like erasers, USB, paper clip and more in the zippered pocket inside to keep them from getting lost! This spacious pouch will fit up to 16 pencils depending on the size. The Elephant Roll Pencil Pouch also features a cover to prevent the pencils from falling out or getting dirty. You can also use this pouch as a makeup pouch to store your brushes, eyeliner, mascara and more! Store smaller items like hair clips, rubber bands, and false eyelashes inside the zippered pocket! Please check out the photos to learn more!

A typical pencil size is 7.5in (19cm) long.

Additional Details

Style Dimensions (LxWxH) Weight Materials
Black 8.27 x 11.81 in 4 oz Nylon

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