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The Ticket Pocket Set is a simple and useful pocket set! Each set comes with 90 sheets of pockets in 3 different sizes, 30 sheets each. You can use the Ticket Pocket Set to protect your important receipts! You can also use this to protect you collection of ticket stubs from places you have visited! Most tickets and receipts are printed with thermal paper which uses heat to print receipts. If it makes direct contact with an adhesive album, the words on the receipt or tickets fade out much faster. The Ticket Pocket Set is designed to protect your train, movie, museum, concert, convention tickets, and more! The Ticket Pocket Set also features a writing section on the bottom of the pocket for your to write a note or date for your receipt or ticket! Please check out the photos to learn more!

  • 3.5in x 2.3in (30 sheets)
  • 4.1in x 2.4in (30 sheets)
  • 6.1in x 2.4in (30 sheets)

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