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Colorful Slim Card Covered Pocket

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Details & Features

The Colorful Slim Card Cover Pocket is a cute and useful covered pocket! The Colorful Slim Card Cover Pocket contains 2 card pockets on the front, and 1 card pocket on the back for extra storage. The Colorful Slim Card Cover Pocket also features a cover to prevent the cards from falling out. The entire Colorful Slim Card Cover Pocket can be securely closed with a snap button. There is also a hole for a strap and a D-ring for you to hook your keys or accessories to! This is a great card pocket to use for your badges, bus passes, or student IDs! Carry all your essential cards with you at all times. You can also easily slip this card pocket into your purse or suitcase! You can also use it with the Colorful Leather Neck Strap! Please check out the photos to learn more!

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