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Mustache $5.95
Onion Man $5.95
Smile Balloon $5.95

Details & Features

The Lovely Point Badge is a cute and colorful badge! You can use this cute badge to personalize your backpack, pencil pouch, make up pouch and more! It’s also a cute gift to give away too! Please check out the photos to learn more!


  • Duck: 1.57×1.02in
  • Heart: 1.22×1.02in
  • Smile Balloon: 1.06×1.5in
  • Rainbow: 1.97×0.87in
  • Onion Man: 1.14×1.38in
  • Dot Balloon: 0.94×1.3in
  • Diamond: 1×1.02in
  • Mustache: 1.42×1in

Additional Details

Style Dimensions (LxWxH) Weight Materials
Mustache 1.57 x 1.06 in 1 oz Acrylic, Metal
Onion Man 1.57 x 1.06 in 1 oz Acrylic, Metal
Smile Balloon 1.57 x 1.06 in 1 oz Acrylic, Metal

Backordered Styles

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