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Paper Doll Travel Bag Set

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Details & Features

The Paper Doll Travel Bag Set is a cute and useful travel bag set! Each purchase contains 2 large bags, 3 medium bags, and 3 small bags. You can use the large bags to hold your clothes, towels, or bulky items, whereas the medium bags can be used to hold your shoes, underwear or towels. The small bags can then be used to hold your toiletries, make up, first aid and more! The Paper Doll Travel Bag Set features the characters from the Paper Doll series. It’s also a great bag set to help you organize your items on your travel! These bags are also transparent so you can easily find your items! Please check out the photos to learn more!

  • Large: 15×19in
  • Medium: 11×15in
  • Small: 7.09×9.45in

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