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Colorful Weekly Notepad

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Details & Features

The Colorful Weekly Notepad is a simple and functional weekly notepad! The Colorful Weekly Notepad features 50 pages of notes you can use to plan for the week. These pages contains 6 checkboxes that you can use to keep track of the most 6 important tasks you need to accomplish for the week. Plus signs are built in as a anchor to help you divide up your sections! This will give you the freedom to divide each section by the weekday or even sections for you to take notes with! The design of these pages allows you to divide the sections in any way you like!

The Colorful Weekly Notepad is sized at about the length of a standard keyboard. You can place the Colorful Weekly Notepad in front of your keyboard as a wrist supporter while also helping you remain on the most important tasks on hand! Safe and removable adhesives are attached to the bottom of the Colorful Weekly Notepad to help prevent the notepad from moving around while you are writing as well as keeping it secured on your desk if you decide to use it as a wrist supporter too! Please check out the photos to learn more!

The Colorful Weekly Notepad contains 50 sheets of paper. Please also note that the Colorful Weekly Notepad is not a sticky note!

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